Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Social Book Marking

Social Book Marking is the best technique in which user use to book mark and manage the pages they want to remember or they like them to share with their friends.

This is the basic of the social book marking but this is being the great tool for SEO experts as they can save their sites at social sites in order to have back links and for having traffic and business as well.

These social bookmarks are usually communal, and can be saved in confidence, joint only with particular people or groups, shared only inside convinced networks, or another grouping of public and personal domains. Only the acceptable people can observe these social bookmarks in succession, by category or tags, or via a search engine.

Benefits of Social Book marking:

  1. You can earn Google indexed back links for your web Sites
  2. Helpful links can be provided to the readers of libraries through social book marking.
  3. You can make vast publication in an easy way.
  4. Can turn heavy traffic toward your web Site.
  5. It provides good prospect for internet associate marketing. If you make it to build up a wide-ranging personal network of people, probability of improved sale of your product/service increases.
  6. Social book marking outcome in generating millions of page views on monthly basis. It attracts the visitors from all over the world, thus the internet marketers use this web traffic to get the target customers.
  7. It helps in assimilation bookmarks from many computers, association of bookmarks, sharing of bookmarks with friends and so on.
  8. This system offers the capability to rank a particular resource on the basis of number of times it has been bookmarked by the users.
  9. Fast Indexing: Google bot is indexing these community web sites very quickly, for example, digg, stumble and technotary stories are indexed every 20 to 25 minutes, so when you get the web site submitted in these social sites and they remainder on home page or inner category page, they get indexed very fast!

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