Monday, May 4, 2009

Black Hat Techniques

Black Hat Techniques

In an attempt to improve visibility Black Hat Techniques is used by some webmasters. Black Hat SEO is a different practice of Search Engine Optimization. Some of the Black Hat techniques use to be ok, but people took advantage of a good thing and now those techniques are red flag, therefore, breaking the rules of search engines guidelines.

Some of These Black Hat Techniques Are:

Invisible Tex

Keywords and keyword Sentences in the same color as the background where the viewer doesn’t see the text but search engine does. 

Keyword Stuffing

As it’s easy to be carried away, Keyword stuffing a web page is one mistake people do. The rule is that more than 7% of chosen keywords on a web page is to push you luck. 

Doorway Pages

Doorway pages are stuffed with keywords and key sentences. Webmasters creates doorway page strictly for search engines. When you arrive on one of those doorways webpage’s immediately, you are redirect to another website, very often not related to your search. 


Another Black Hat Technique shows the viewers one page whiles search engines read a completely different text. In other words for example when a search engine crawls a website it reads a html text specifically written for search engines while you the viewers are viewing a different page that could be pictures or animation. Therefore, the webpage was altered to deceive search engines. 

Link Farms

Buying links to achieve higher ranking or owning a certain amounts of site all linking to your main sitemight show you are important but again a Black Hat Technique and deceiving to search engines and viewers alike. Links needs to be relevant to your website services, therefore, the more relevancy the better for your website.


Webmaster employs Black Hat SEO Techniques trying to increase search engines visibility and increase traffic whiles they hope to deceive search engines without being caught. These Black Hat practice may work for a while, but eventually search engines will catch-up and the webmaster will face unhappy subsequence's.

When you see websites that employs Black Hat SEO practice, you should report them to your search engine webmaster.

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