Saturday, August 29, 2009

Google Caffeine

Couple of months, a team of Google was working on a project that’s name is “Google Caffeine.” The main aim of Google Caffeine is to make Google search results more accurate, indexing speed, comprehensiveness and many other things.

Before some days Google launched Google Caffeine, a new trend of search. That is a new search technology which Google is discussing with developers and selecting their contribution to implement on new Google. Though there are not any major changes in the rankings but We may see minor fluctuations. Google gave the name “Caffeine” to this new technology.Google-Caffeine

Try the Google Caffeine in

We expecting some reflects like
  • URL is very important
  • New Google is very fast
  • Larger index volume
  • Real-time search is inching closer
  • Keywords are more important
Let wait for how its reflects to us


  1. I think the basics will stays the same. They'll never change. But the question is, which impact will this have on the current positions? How does the new technology work? That's something we have to wait for...

  2. i wonder why they called it Google Caffeine? Is it because you make your search go hyper and fast? :P Oh well., it actually works. :)

  3. Wow, great information. I could say my knowledge in seo is already broad but I find it nice to see people giving out tips and new information.

  4. Thanks for the helpful information. Hope to hear more from you.

  5. Thanks for the information, I like your take on blogging.

  6. That's very informative.I'm very impressed upon your efforts.Thank you for sharing this valuable thing.


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