Friday, April 30, 2010

SEO Tips for Your Own Profile

If you don’t have a Google Profile, my advice is to get one. If Google’s regular algorithm is any indication, profile longevity helps rank (important because only four profiles are given 1st page search result status). You can even get a vanity URL instead of the standard number string URL.

[A note about vanity URLs: you risk identifying your Gmail address to spammers as Gmail turns your e-mail prefix into your vanity URL. You can also sign up for a new Google Account using an alternate e-mail and select your own URL, which I recommend.]

Once you have your profile:

Add information. More “complete” profiles are more likely to make 1st page.

Verify your name/e-m
ail. Name verification requires a Knol account and a cell phone or credit card record (Google forgot about the small class of people like me who only use debit cards and tracfones). E-mail verification requires a closed e-mail, i.e., no Gmail or Hotmail.

Build links to your profile. I really only recommend this if you have stiff name competition.

Create a Google Profile for your business (Optional). Google Profiles are only meant for individuals, but that hasn’t stopped people from creating profiles for “Web Design” or “Cheap iPhone.” Doing so will only get you listed in Google Profile-specific search results or possibly organic rankings and not on the front page with the real names. Still, it can’t hurt.


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